Welcome to the 21 Day Vocal Trainer!

The 21-Day Vocal Trainer is an easy-to-follow online training program for singers that provides singers of all levels an extremely efficient step-by-step framework for quickly getting into serious performance shape by developing the muscles that support the voice through 30 minutes of exercises per day.

The 21 Day Vocal Trainer is built on many years of experince and is developed to improve your voice and singing shape.

The program is a combination of many exercises. Some of the exercises are for softening and stretching muscles and tissues, others are for strengthening the muscles.

I explain everything in detail as you progress through each day of the 21 day course.

What does the 21-day program involve?

The 21 Day Vocal Trainer is set out as a 3-week course, with a 18 x 30-minute sets of exercises most days, and 3 days of rest included during these 3 weeks. These you can schedule the days off for whenever suits you, or simply follow the recommended course flow. The important thing is that you don’t have to start all over if you miss a day or two while you are completing the program.

Let me tell you about the philosophy behind the program, and why it in some ways is different way of working with your voice – and why it will have such a dramatic impact on your singing.

Breathing and Flow

Breathing and support are the cornerstones in all kinds of singing, and the thorax is your amplifier.

Sometimes we block the flow of the air, without realising it. In order to be able to reach the highest notes or simply sing with more power, we end up using the wrong muscles. This can cause tension in the neck, shoulder or larynx muscles. We end up tired, with a ‘hoarse voice’ or simply frustrated, because we have the feeling that we aren’t getting the most out of our voice – or our practise time!

To allow the voice to ‘unfold’ beautifully to it’s natural potential, timing and muscle control are required. The whole point of the 21 Day Vocal Trainer is to give you a highly effective and efficient set of exercises that allow you to take a small step back from your daily practice routine, and spend a bit of time in these areas that are so vital for the voice – the development and interaction of the inhalation and exhalation muscles – with tremendous results.

It is well worth the effort, and I promise you the improvements you experience will be indisputable

The clear and structured framework of the 21 Day Vocal Trainer makes it both easy and possible!