I was able to sing for a longer time and the height of my voice register became more bright and free – AND it was fun along the way.

– Anna, Sweden


-Brit, Denmark

The scarf exercise works like magic! Can it get any better than this? Thanks Sanne !

– Danielle Lous, Netherlands


Week 1: Front & Sides

Learn stretching and breathing exercises for training the inhalation muscles located in the rib cage.

Exercises change every day as you go deeper and you will discover more depths in you voice, more power and a deeper connection to your breathing.

Week 2: The Back

Discover a whole new world of power and colors in your voice when working with the muscles your back.

You will also learn how your inhalation muscles and the diaphragm are connected and how easily you can apply these areas to your support.

Week 3: Posture

Working with the inner core allows the airflow to engaged the support muscles from front, sides and back.

This will in time feel like a natural way of singing where you can control and enjoy the airflow and experience “power and letting go” at the same time. 

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Your new instructor

Sanne Graulund has 25+ years as singer, vocal coach, composer, musical director, and associate professor.

Sanne has developed the programme on the experiences of many years of teaching and research. 

She is a teacher at the Royal Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. She has given workshops in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Scotland and Switzerland.

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