About Sanne Graulund

Sanne Graulund is a Danish singer, composer and teacher. She has developed the programme on the experiences of many years of teaching and research. Sanne is a teacher at the Royal Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. She has given workshops in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Scotland and Switzerland.

Sanne has released several CD´s, she is also frequently used as a musical director in theatre plays in Denmark and she has composed music for theatre plays and films.

The Course

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How it works

The course consists of a 21-day voice training and excersise schedule. 

Each day has a 30 minutes in-depht video, showing you all the excersises you need to do, in detail. During the three weeks you will increase your vocal range, achieve higher and longer notes, and teach your body to fully support your voice. 

The entire course is available to you on-demand through the website, all you have to do is login with your username and password – then you can stream any video and download the companion e-book anytime you want.

If you need further guidance or experience any issues we are always there to help you! Please go to our contact page, and we will make sure to help you as fast as we can. 


The 21dayvocaltrainer is for all kinds of singers!

For beginners: If you love to sing and would like to know how to practice, this program will help you get started, and you will experience a difference within the first couple of days

For advanced singers: If you are already an experienced singer, you can still develop your voice and the support. You can improve the relationship to your voice by going deep into the details of the exercises and give you and your voice 30 minutes of careful attention every day.

You will recieve access the entire 21 day vocal trainer video course. Each day has a 30 minute in-depht video that explains all the vocal training and excersis in detail. The video guides you through every step, so you will have get the most out of every excersise. 
All the videos will be available to you on-demand through the website. 
It also includes a companion e-book that you can download as a pdf and read on any device.

Just go to course overview and then click ‘watch now’ on the week you would like to see. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so. You must have purchased the course to be able to watch the videos. If you still can’t access the course after you tried to login, then please contact us.

If you can’t remember you username or password, then no worries!

You can restore them by going to the login page, then click forgot username/password. Then enter the email you used to purchse the course with and we will send you the details to reset your account information. Once that is done you can login and access the course again. If this does not work please contact us and we will help you fix it in a hurry. 

The store is SSL encrypted to the highest standard. We do not sell or provide your data to any one. You can safely complete your credit card transaction with us. If you have any concercns or want you information removed please contact us and we will make sure to resolve the issue. 

Improve you voice, today

30 minutes of excersise, every day for 3 weeks and you will see big improvements in you vocal range and singing performance.

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